Learning for life

Tobias Skarhed

Who I am

There are three things in life that I value highly:


Every person has a story to tell. I enjoy listening to people and to recognize our similarities and differences. It is by a common understanding we can cooperate in the best manner possible.


Technology demonstrates human greatness. It is what we as the human race have accomplished together. Personally, it represents an exercise for the brain. It is easy to achieve flow when working with a technical problem.


Nature brings peace to the mind. By respecting nature and by challenging the elements, nature is an infinite resource for personal development, whether it is through physical challenges or by means of reflection.

What I do

I am studying to become a Space Engineer at LuleƄ University of Technology.

My interests

I like design, philosophy and technology. You can also find me playing any kind of instrument or strolling around in nature for no apparent reason.

Thank you!

If you want to get in touch for collaborations, proposals or opportunities, please contact me via LinkedIn

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